Hi Salisbury, this is Wayne King, candidate for mayor of Salisbury. Now that Trump has announced his re-election I thought it was time to get mine going. In the next couple of weeks you will start seeing my signs in Salisbury and I will be accelerating my social media exposure. I will also start meeting with some of the leaders of Salisbury. I have met with Bob Culver a couple times… and I will say, I truly believe Bob is doing his best to serve his people, us. He’s genuine.

Anyway, let’s talk about what I stand for. My main part of my platform is based on crime and safety. Crime is ridiculous here in Salisbury for a relatively small community. We have drug dealing (going on right in the open). You don’t have to be Superman with X-ray vision to see it. It is right in front of our faces! As a former business owner for 20+ years, in retail and wholesale, I would not want to drop an anchor here in Salisbury with my business hoping for a grand return on my investment. There is way too much crime in this city.

1. There are only 2% of all cities (per capita based on 100,000 people) in the USA that are more dangerous than Salisbury.

2. We have more theft per capita than Baltimore. And not too far behind in other categories like rape and murder. That’s why our nickname is “Little Baltimore.”

3. The stats the city releases are skewed. Look at more reliable websites, like the FBI. Basically, many crimes are being re-categorized. I do understand why it’s done, we have a college here and I am sure the parent’s of these students google Salisbury before they send their kids here.

Instead, you know what, let’s stop lying to “ourselves” and let’s clean Salisbury up. Then “we” won’t have to lie and skew the numbers.

Everyone has their part in this quest. The people are the first line of defense. Call the hotline, leave an anonymous message if you see something like drug dealing. My police force WILL look into it. Our strongest line of action and defense to these criminals is law enforcement. I am a big advocate and supporter of our police. I will give them raises to keep them here. If you were a cop, would you stay in the second most dangerous cities in Maryland and get grossly underpaid? Would you even want to be a policeman or policewoman today with all the negative things said in the media about them? Give these guys credit. They have a tough job. Support them and the pay raise I propose if I am elected. We need law enforcement veterans. Also, if my police force has morale issues, I will get them a leader that will give it to them. I will let them take their gloves off and put handcuffs on the criminals. Heroin dealing must be eradicated as quickly and thoroughly as possible. These thugs are playing Russian roulette with our children’s lives. One heroin dealer on the street is too many.

Funny, Trump stole my line last night. “Make Salisbury safe again.” He said America…

For any of you that’s wondering how we are going to give the police a raise. Do not worry about it. I will find the money in Jake’s goodie bag of senseless projects he has planned for the City. Speaking of projects. One of the first things my administration is going to do is fix the streets and side walks. Starting with the areas that are in the most need. I believe in spending money on making our neighborhoods nicer not the park or the zoo. You don’t sleep at the park or zoo. Your children on their walk home from school don’t walk through the zoo. I will get the dilapidated, abandoned homes that are in our neighborhoods razed.

I am not going to fall into the trap of spending thousands of dollars trying to revitalize the downtown. We will have it ready for commerce by getting the infrastructure up to snuff, but I can’t force businesses to come here. Our city has to be enticing to a business owner. They will get their tax breaks, etc.. But the best way for the downtown to be revitalized is to allow it to grow organically. And I will keep saying this; the business will not come here with our crime rate.

Being a former business owner with much life experience in that arena, I know what I would like to see as a business owner. A PLACE CONDUCIVE TO MAKING MONEY. BTW, If I am having trouble drawing businesses here I will call Jake up and see if he would like to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower in the middle of downtown to bring them here. {I am joking, obviously} As Trump explained last night in his speech how great our economy is doing, I was thinking, “where is this?” Not here in Salisbury. We have 27% of our people living below the poverty line. The average household income is $37,000 (sorry Jake, it is not over 50K).

To improve our economy we need to be pro-active. My business development team needs to learn how to sell. I will teach them. If they don’t like sales in the business development department, what are they doing there? Trying to avoid paperwork? Are we marketing Salisbury properly? Are we processing permits for new businesses and approving codes in a timely manner? Good questions.

There are 3 things companies look for:

1. Livability (for the owners and their workers)

2. Talent (we have a college right here, unfortunately, if your are a SBY University grad and not in the medical field, you are leaving).

3. Viability (can we make money, can we grow here).

All of this should be obvious. But, unfortunately, for some, it is not. For example, what do all of the highest crime rate cities have in common? They have liberal/progressive mayors! So, if you like crime, homeless drug users, a broke city and a poor economy, vote for Jake. He’s good at it. Re-elect this guy and you will soon see a city tax. He will need the extra tax money for the Milky Way Galaxy Sports Festival next. What does he think, he’s the mayor of Florence, Italy?

People I am here to tell the truth, which most of you know.“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution..” – That’s a quote by Steve Jobs. And it is true!

On the other hand, the people of Salisbury are good people, and they deserve better. Give them a reason to work hard and they will. This is one of the reasons I set roots here and bought a house. This city is very similar to the town I am from, Huntington, NY. Almost the exact demographics. I like it here, and I will help this City for the people. Not my political party, not myself. There is a swamp here and I will do my best to dry it up.

I have much more to say, so stay tuned. I didn’t touch on the homeless problem here, but you may read about that on my website below.

Please visit my websites on Instagram and twitter also.



If you guys like what you hear and would like to give me… us… everyone a hand… please volunteer and/or consider making a monetary donation.

Please go to my candidate website:

Big Event coming up: [I will need volunteers]

Wayne King Rally at the Riverside Amphitheater in Downtown Salisbury

Cost of admission: FREE

Promoted by Wayne King, Joe Albero and Caribbean Joe’s

Act: Loud Love is the band

Date and Time: Saturday, August 24th, 04:00 PM-08:00 PM.

Bring chairs if you are going to be late. Bring water too.

Best Regards,

Wayne King

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