Putting Salisbury Back on Track

Putting Salisbury Back on Track

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Wayne King For Mayor
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I am neither a politician nor a bureaucrat.

I am running to be the next Mayor of Salisbury. I want to take this runaway train and put it back on the track. Crime, safety, and the economy will be my main focus. Being transparent will be my mantra.

Being an outsider, the King administration will not play on favoritism. I am not a part of the "Good 'Ole Boys Network." We will prioritize what needs to be done. And believe me, I will not be thinking about chain link fences or a mural, when we have a gang problem in our city. I will run Salisbury like a business - a successful business.

It is about time that we bring

Transparent Common Sense Leadership

to the City of Salisbury.

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.”

Steve Jobs


“Make Salisbury safe again!”

Wayne King

Salisbury is the 2nd most dangerous city in Maryland. *Our Livability rating is 12% out of all cities/towns. Meaning 87% of all cities and towns in America have a higher livability rating.